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How do smart thermostats work in Nashville?

December 12, 2022
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Imagine being able to direct your home’s heating and cooling systems by saying a short phrase or by utilizing an app on your cell phone. Now, go even further and think about having something that can discern your preferences and adjust automatically. As you may soon realize, smart thermostats are extraordinary pieces of technology capable of adding convenience, energy conservation, and even safety to your home. Continue reading to understand how they work and what they are able to do for you.

How are smart thermostats different from standard models?

Notwithstanding their special abilities, smart thermostats work similarly to traditional models. For instance, they are wired straight to your heating and cooling system. You may also manually adjust the temperature by touching the hardware fastened to your wall. But that’s about where the commonalities conclude.

Nashville smart thermostats bridge to your home’s wireless internet

The primary difference between smart thermostats and standard types is that they bond to your home’s Wi-Fi network. By having this bond to the internet, you’re able to gain a new degree of access and operation. Generally speaking, you can adjust your comfort settings from anywhere. Did you neglect to lower the temperature when leaving on a trip? That’s OK. All you need to do is open the easy-to-use Vivint app on your smartphone and make the adjustments. There are many other things you can do with the app, like:

  • Shift between HVAC modes
  • Adjust your system to a certain mode such as home, vacation, or sleep
  • Switch your fan on or off
  • Receive notifications when temperatures are manually or automatically adjusted

Modify the temperature by simply saying a command

Your internet connection gives you another amazing advantage as you can link your device to an Amazon or Google smart speaker. If you want to keep comfy on a chilly winter’s evening and you don’t want to leave your cozy place on the couch, just say a command like “Alexa, turn up the thermostat three degrees”.

Vivint Smart Thermostat actually adjusts on its own

The Vivint Smart Thermostat can take convenience to a higher level with its built-in Smart Assistant. When set up within your smart home, the thermostat can use in-home sensors and other functionality like geolocation to tell if you’re home or away. Not to mention, this adaptive component will even learn your preferences and adjust to match. For instance, if you generally prefer the house a bit cooler at night, the thermostat will observe that and change it for you.

Built-in safety protection to limit fire

The automated aspect of your device also impacts your safety. The Vivint Smart Thermostat features an emergency shutoff of your HVAC equipment when fire is found to limit the escalation of smoke and flames. You could also have it instantaneously turn on the exhaust fan to aid in venting your home.

Decrease your utility expenses in Nashville

Your smart thermostat’s power to adapt temperature settings by itself and your ability to modify them from any location isn’t just a nice feature, it’s good for your bank account. If you tweak the settings 5 to 10 degrees for times you are away, you are able to save a noticeable amount - up to 10% on utility costs.

Get started on your own Nashville smart home

Now that you have more insight into how smart thermostats work in Nashville, it’s time to incorporate one into your property. The Vivint smart home professionals are here to help. Just dial (615) 908-3403 or complete the form below to begin.