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What you should look for in a home security camera in Nashville

August 01, 2022
Security camera outdoors up close

So many homeowners in Nashville want to see what’s going on at their house when they are not home This is a principal reason why security cameras are some of the most effective devices to consider as you customize your home security system. Although independent cameras are effective when configured appropriately, they’re even more useful when integrated into your property’s comprehensive system.

Are you interested in what to look for in a home security camera in Nashville? You’ll be glad to discover these important components come with more benefits than previous iterations. You may see live streams from indoor cameras or surprise those lurking about with integrated deterrents from outside cameras. Just use your Vivint app or touchscreen smart hub and you can control all your security cameras.

Powerful features add value to home security cameras in Nashville

Loaded with features and easy-to-incorporate security cameras will elevate your property’s protection to a different level. These vital parts of your alarm system can be found with an incredible array of features like 2-way communications, night vision, and customizable zones. Review all of the possibilities below.

  • Night vision: Impressive IR night vision sensors provide clear-cut footage of your property no matter the time of day. Your cameras will even keep their crisp imaging when closing in on particular areas.
  • Video storage: Check for surveillance with cloud storage functionality and the chance to access footage directly from your smartphone app.
  • Security app: Today’s surveillance systems in Nashville are frequently connected to a convenient app on your smartphone. You can review real-time streams or saved segments and even activate or disarm your security. The Vivint App will send an update to your phone when there’s a triggered event.
  • Motion detectors: Incorporated motion sensors allows cameras to activate whenever unusual movement takes place. You’ll also get a message on your phone.
  • Converse with delivery people or family: Need to touch base with your children when they return from school? Do you have a stranger at your doorstep? Modern surveillance systems, such as the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro, provide convenient two-way talk so you may converse with anyone within range of your camera.
  • Greater viewing angles: As a general rule, your outdoor surveillance should give you an angle of 120° or higher. For instance, the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro gives you 140° views.
  • Custom zone coverage: This convenience gives you the chance to program the specific space you wish your camera to supervise. This will be helpful to optimize the activity you record as you don’t necessarily want alerts each time an automobile goes by on the street.

Configure your own Vivint smart home system

You now know what to look for in a home security camera in Nashville. The next step is to get started on your customized Vivint smart home. Phone (615) 908-3403 to start or fill out the following form to engage our experts.